1. Healthy development of children’s feet – fit and comfort in children’s shoes.
2. Quality commitment – from materials and production – with attention to the smallest detail.
3. Beautiful design and European fashion.
4. Affordable quality – so mom does not have to compromise on quality and style.

Shoe Design

1. Playful leather designs are sewn onto the shoes to add a fashionable look, that is safe for children.
2. Padded and aerated insoles – breathable.
3. Clean Stitching – no rough ends

Leather Selections

Kitty’s designs start with genuine leather selected from her wide range of unique Kio Trend colours.

Production in China

Kitty has conducted a rigorous selection process to choose her network of suppliers and factories.

Her knowledge of the Chinese culture and language and her engineering training provides her with unique access and quality control on the factory floor.
Kitty works directly with the factory to ensure quality workmanship – from clean stitching to safe add-ons